Go shawty, it’s our birthday, and we gon’ party like it’s our birthday!


We the Pvblic is turning two and it’s time for us to come together to unwind, let loose and drink to your heart’s content.

Ever since our birth on November 22, 2015, we’ve climbed mountains, we’ve saved up, we’ve traveled, we’ve seen the transformation of Marlou to Xander Ford, the rise of our fellow millennials’ humor, and we’ve seen how buying a billboard won’t get you the girl.

We’ve grown stronger, even better. And we couldn’t have done it without the pvblic’s support.

As a thank you, we want you to come and party the night away at Early Night? on November 24, Friday with the pvblic’s best DJs and the best of the best.

Come on over and rave to the beats of DJs Emil Angeles, and Badboy Jeff, and the rest of the pvblic at #APvblicAffair.

Join us as we do what we millennials do best — get drunk out of our minds and have a great time with the squad (but we love to stay home and watch Netflix series on the side too *wink*).

Don’t forget to register at apvblicaffair.wethepvblic.com to be in the guestlist! Be among the first 300 people to register and your drinks are on us! 

Special thanks to We the Pvblic’s sponsors: Early Night, Aracama Manila, Pouch NATION, GIF Manila, Diyalogo, Ravepops, HotShot Brandy, Panda Electronics, Alfox Printing Services, StyleGenie, and XS Multimedia.

This generation has never been at its finest#APvblicAffair. #WeThePvblicTurns2 #JoinTheMovement

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Article from @wethepvblic