Armed with the founder’s dream and his own intensified passion to bring about change, Aik Lumanog is looking to future-proof XS Group as a profitable business and generous thought leader in the creative, digital, and innovation space.

In creating a space for brutally creative people to thrive on, you allow them to grow and continue to do what they are passionate about and to not forget the kid inside who dreamed to build and create a life with a purpose. This is the vision that Aik saw and believed in from founder and CEO, Chris Egan Roxas.

He arrived fully convinced that he is in a winning team.

Aik joined XS Multimedia as the new Chief of Staff to the CEO with a half-empty cup so he can fill it to the brim with hopes and dreams of XS.

Getting to rally the team towards winning would require him to aim first at strengthening the group’s business sense.


The Game Plan

His plan is simple: map out the vision and get everyone on board and make sure that no one gets left behind.

“Execute incessantly, fail fast, fail forward, reimagine and win; then start again.” This, according to him is how the group will continue to build the dream.

The role demands to meet a series of business expectations but Aik came prepared to approach community and business development thoughtfully and deliberately.

“Overall I anchor back to my desire to strengthen what was built and continue to promote the dream so others can too,” says he.

Challenges of Growth

For Aik, protecting the dream is about keeping up with and maintaining the growth that the company is undergoing even if it means outgrowing certain aspects.

“We will and we are about to go through a series of growing pains. As we continuously cultivate the dreams of our people we should have the stomach to be okay with the occasional discomfort brought by change,” stated he.

His only wish is for the team to be in it for the long haul

Leadership backed by Parental Instincts

10 years of experience in the BPO industry has prepared him for his role as Chief of Staff to the CEO.

From sales associate to relationship manager, he steadfastly moved his way up by ensuring that he helped the people around him grow.

Aik does not rely on a specific leadership style and uses the bits and pieces from his years of corporate experience to adapt his approach to fit the situation.

However, he wants to be perceived as a partner and a parent who has the group’s best interest at heart.

“I have very maternal instincts so I would know you like my own, overtime. I compromise, reward and reprimand like a parent. I wanted to be perceived as a partner and a parent who has your best interest at heart.

Albeit being happy and fulfilled, Aik expects to be invigorated by the youthful and playful energy that surround him.

Above all, he is excited to learn the industry, the people, and be taught by the wisdom of the younger generation.

“To feel young again but not reckless, to be scared and to become braver… I look forward to what the future has to offer for us and the bigger dreams we all can help build in XS,” shared Aik.

The future looks bright for XS Group!