2017 is truly a remarkable year for XS Multimedia Corporation as it is again recognized with its nomination to the International Innovation Awards for 2017 after a series of tedious tests and interviews.

According to Enterprise Asia, the International Innovation Award (IIA) 2017 is the largest global recognition program for innovations. But more importantly, it’s a celebration of innovation, where it recognizes outstanding innovations, and in the process encouraging organizations to continue investing on innovations across industry segments. This award becomes benchmark also one of achievement that will drive company performance to more excellent. The theme is “Transform Future Today To Perform“.  This year we will see more than 16 countries and markets participating across Asia and with the mission of fostering effective innovation culture across the region.

The International Innovation Award (IIA) 2017 is unique as each awardee is also concurrently awarded the InnoMark Certification. This international certification of innovation excellence recognises innovative products, designs and organisations on a proprietary 8-dimension system: The InnoMark Dimensions.

IIA judges the company by unique innovation of growth, working on bottle necks and on how they use change in innovating a traditional business model.

The CEO, together with the rest of the organization, is humbled and is looking forward to our expanding journey to spread the XS brand all over the world. Wish us luck! See you on Dec 1 – 2 in Shanghai, China!